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Sleep soundly knowing your site is safe

1. What does our support & maintenance service include?

WordPress is a powerful, but with great power comes a lot of complexity, so it can be hard to keep a WP site under control. Plugins & themes need to be often updated, and they sometimes don't play well with each other.

The website care plans are all about prevention and always having a helping hand for support and fixing any problems.

2. WordPress Software Updates Including Your Theme and Plugins

Weekly updates of all plugins and software, reducing risk against hacking and bugs.

3. Uptime Monitoring

Website monitoring around the clock. We will be alerted to any website crashes, fix any issues and get your site back up asap.

4. Security Monitoring

Daily scans to ensure your site is not vulnerable or infected by viruses. Additional measures to tighten security and protect your site further.

5. Testing on staging site

We never do an update on a live site, we always test first on a staging site so your customers never see any errors on the live site due to updates.

6. Backups & Restore

Website backed up weekly, hourly or daily, choose the plan that suits your business.  We can instantly restore your site should disaster strike, by accident or otherwise.

7. Monthly Reports

We will email you a detailed PDF report of works carried out on your site and its current status (backups, uptime, security etc).

How much will it cost?

Everyone's needs are different from very complex to simple. Get in touch to arrange a discovery session and we will discuss a suitable plan for your business.

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