WP Recipe Maker Elite Recipe Collections Set up

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Package Includes

1. Consultation to clarify the project scope and goals
2. Design and set up of account register, log in and recipe box pages with option to show additional services you offer in the members area
3. Configuration of WP Recipe Maker plugin
4. Design and set up of WP Recipe Maker recipe card so members can add recipes to their recipe box
5. Connection to your email marketing platform so that when new users sign up they get added to your subscribers list

Price €650

Additional related services available

Landing page design
User survey form configuration to collect feedback
Pop up lead magnet design and configuration for lead generation
Fluent CRM email marketing plugin installation and configuration to Amazon SES
Welcome series onboarding emails for the meal planner
Custom video tutorials for your brand
Facet search and recipe archive page
Paid membership plugin installation and configuration

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