Fluent CRM installation and Amazon SES configuration service

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Beat the high fees of email marketing service providers by sending your email marketing campaigns from WordPress

Foodiepreneurs are the costs of your email marketing system crushing your business with high fees? as your subscriber list grows the fees will keep increasing it’s what is called a successful tax. Nobody likes taxation would you like to get rid of those high fees?

People are saving huge amounts of money by switching to the Fluent CRM email marketing plugin and building their email marketing campaigns in WordPress. It has all the features of other ESP’s email marketing providers without the high cost. You pay a low yearly fee for the plugin $129 Dollars a year and connect it to an email sending service which there is many of.

Read about the benefits of using Fluent CRM on their website where in this article they compare it to other email marketing service providers MailPoet and MailChimp where in comparison costs can be 70% lower than MailChimp depending on what plan you are on.

I use Amazon SES simple email sending here on Catered Websites for all my email marketing. You can send 60K email a month for free and it only costs 0.10 Cent per 10K emails once you go over 60K that’s 2K emails a day for free!!! So it’s extremely cost effective but it can be complicated to set up.

In the package for an investment of €400 I’ll install the plugin and configure Amazon SES

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