Retention Marketing with foodie classroom

70% of customers will make a repeat purchase but business owners fail to put retention marketing systems in place. Discover retention marketing opportunities for your online and in person classes and programs, offer meal plans, create memberships, sell more products, boost student engagement and repeat sales with the recipe box meal planner feature and increase customer lifetime value.

Foodie Classroom

Build a community around your brand with the foodie classroom system

In the foodie classroom

Wow your students with everything in one place. Students will have all their recipes and videos to come back to in the Foodie Classroom from previous classes. Offer paid memberships for premium content or offer free recipes and videos to boost student engagement. 

Foodie classroom revenue channels

Show targeted content, products and services based on previous purchases and account preferences in the foodie classroom. 

Events, Zoom Classes And Programs

Sell Events, Zoom live classes and recorded programs with recipes in the foodie classroom meal planner and generate additional income from affiliate links and advertising space.


Subscriptions are getting more and more popular in all types of businesses. Create your very own weekly cook along membership in the Foodie Classroom and students and ask questions and answers. Certificates. Loyalty programs gamification. Support center.


Link to products in your shop from the recipe cards as well as creating groups of products to sell along with cookery classes and courses such as ingredient boxes to increase customer lifetime value. 


Parter with affiliate programs and earn commissions selling their products and services on your website.

Business Partnerships

Partner with local businesses and advertise their products and services in the Foodie Classroom. An example of this would be advertising local professional nutrition and fitness services to accompany the recipes.

Advertising Networks

Parter with advertising networks such as Mediavine and earn commissions based on the amount of website traffic page views your Foodie Classroom receives.


Beat the stress of using lots of different Apps to run your classes the Foodie Classroom system has everything in one place.

Founder Catered Websites

Jonathan Power

My mission is to help food and lifestyle brands who struggle with technology and marketing to delivery an awesome online experience for their clients to empower them to learn more about cooking and lead a healthier life.


  • A 5% increase in customer retention increases profits by up to 95%

  • 70% companies admit it's cheaper to retain a customer than to acheive one

  • Existing customers are 60%-70% more likely to convert compared to new customers

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