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Jonathan Power

My mission is to help food and lifestyle brands who struggle with technology and marketing to delivery an awesome online experience for their clients and build a profitable online business.

Email Marketing Campaign Services

  • A 5% increase in customer retention increases profits by up to 95%

  • 70% companies admit it's cheaper to retain a customer than to acheive one

  • Existing customers are 60%-70% more likely to convert compared to new customers

email marketing strategy

An email campaign without an email marketing strategy is like a bunch of ingredients without a recipe. Too often, businesses jump straight into the “cooking” and start sending emails without having a clear strategy in place. Creating strategies for our clients allows us to define the what, how, and why of their email marketing.

Set up autoresponders

Email automation is increasing in popularity. In fact, many of the emails you receive from businesses are probably automated — from the welcome emails you get when you sign up to an email newsletter to the reminder emails you get when you abandon a shopping cart, online businesses are making the most of what automation has to offer time-poor business owners.

Set up email service provider, templates, and branding

We've got a lot of technical and design expertise under our belts — after all, we develop WordPress websites! So helping clients get set up with an email service providers (ESP) and completing any necessary integrations for their site will be a piece of cake.

content creation

Emails require content, writing the actual content for emails can be a roadblock for businesses that stops them from getting started in the first place. Depending on our clients email marketing goals and business resources, we can work with them to identify the right content they should send to get the results they want, and how to create it.

Clean existing lists before sending new campaigns

Clients will want to send their newsletters to a maximum number of possible contacts because they are convinced everyone will be thrilled to read their emails. This attitude is common — and it’s also the primary reason ESPs ban users from using their services.

Monthly Campaign Reporting

One of the benefits of email marketing is how easy it is to track and measure your results. ESP Email Sending Providers like Foodie Classroom provide in-depth stats so you can get a quick overview  of your campaign performance, and drill down into the exact parts of your email that subscribers interacted with, such as which links they clicked the most. 

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