Foodie Classroom Culinary School

Discover retention marketing opportunities and build a community around your brand with Foodie Classroom for your Zoom and in person classes and programs, offer meal plans, create memberships, boost student engagement and repeat sales with the recipe box meal planner feature and increase customer lifetime value.

70% of customers will make a repeat purchase but business owners fail to put retention marketing systems in place.

Founder Catered Websites

Jonathan Power

My mission is to help food and lifestyle brands who struggle with technology and marketing to delivery an awesome online experience for their clients to empower them to learn more about cooking and lead a healthier life.

WordPress Websites For Food & Lifestyle Brands

Health And Wellness Professionals


Culinary Coaches, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Gyms & Trainers

Food Service Providers

Wellness Professionals

Chefs, Food Bloggers and everything in-between. 

Culinary Education

Cookery Schools

Cookery schools providing online and in person services.

Showcase Your business and Professional Skills to attract your ideal customers and turn them into raving fans


Build an online brand you love and use lead generation to attract your ideal customer and turn them into raving fans.


Build relationships with your ideal clients with email marketing, segment your email list and sell them more products they love.


Scale your business to new levels with Foodie Classroom offering niche food memberships your members will love and rave about.

WordPress for Foodies on Youtube

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